To save gas car maintenance must be prioritized on a regular basis. Do you know how to save gas money using DIY car maintenance and service tricks from home? Using a fuel reward app is convenient and helpful in many ways. Safeway gas rewards are also easy to build up by simply purchasing groceries like normal every week. 

Some drivers like to work on vehicles and have the skills to do it. Other ways to get good gas mileage do not require any mechanical ability, however, and are easy for almost any driver to manage.

Everyday Gas Savings
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What are some DIY tips to get good gas mileage and save on fuel expenses today? The first DIY gas-saving tip involves maintaining good tire pressure in your tires at all times. Properly inflated tires save on gas costs by keeping your ride smooth and preventing your vehicle from pulling to one side or the other. 

When a car pulls to either side mid-ride it creates more wind-resistance, which requires more energy and effort from your engine to overcome. Another DIY gas-saving tip involves maintaining a proper oil level in your engine. Too little oil is dangerous for your engine and could lead to a cracked engine block.

On a daily basis, however, the proper amount of oil keeps your engine lubricated and working more efficiently, which ultimately increases the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Simple concepts such as using efficient routes while traveling also help provide everyday gas savings. Change your spark plugs and filters before they burn out or clog respectively. The same concept applies to other fluids including the water in your battery. 

Schedule your vehicle for regular tune-ups and other maintenance services to keep it in top condition at all times. Did you know running your AC and/or heating each reduces your fuel economy? Keep the climate controls to minimal use to save more money on gas each trip. Finally, speeding burns up a significant amount of gas, as does erratic use of the gas pedal.

Driving smoothly and obeying posted speed limits are two ways every U.S. driver is able to save n gas costs all year long.

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