App-based delivery driving is another popular and legitimate way for making money with your car fast. What is app-based delivery? The process involves using your vehicle to deliver purchased goods, which are most commonly food items. Some companies deliver fast food and/or meals from a select list of restaurants in your area.

Others deliver actual groceries and retail products, where the job requires shopping and delivering the purchased items to the customer’s door. What are some popular and credible companies offering app-based delivery jobs today?

How To Make Money With App-Based Delivery Driving

  • Postmates (food, groceries & alcohol in select states).
  • DoorDash (fast food & restaurant meals & alcohol in select regions).
  • GrubHub (fast food, restaurant meals & alcohol in select regions).
  • Uber Eats (fast food, restaurant meals & alcohol in certain Florida & other smaller regions).
  • InstaCart (groceries, retail products & alcohol in select regions).
  • Shipt (groceries, retail products & alcohol in select regions).

When you deliver for DoorDash or Postmates your primary delivery items are fast food/restaurant products and alcohol. Therefore, certain age limits are imposed by applicable state and regional laws. The same applies when you deliver for GrubHub and UberEats. How do I sign up for Uber Eats and other app-based delivery driving jobs? Applications are all submitted online. 

Standard personal information and details about your vehicle are required. Your vehicle registration, tags and inspection must all be valid and current. You are required to possess a current valid driver’s license. Policies vary per company and state, with some requiring you to possess a valid driver’s license issue from the state in which you live.

App-based delivery driving jobs require you to have a smart-technology equipped device with the applicable proprietary app installed on the device.

This usually means installing the app on your cell phone. Similar to rideshare driving, you will receive notifications for available delivery jobs in your area. 

To maximize your earning potential, it is necessary to claim the deliveries quickly before another driver claims them first. The apps track your deliveries and applicable compensation accordingly. 

Hourly rates, per-delivery bonuses, tips and mileage compensation all potentially apply, although policies vary greatly with each company. The average national income for app-based delivery driving is over approximately $40,000 per year when done as a full-time job, although again, hourly rates and overall compensation vary per company and state.