Using advertising and stickers to make money with your car is an excellent way to boost your income in good and bad times alike. It is also possible to double up on your earning potential by helping people move. If you own a truck, van or full-size sports utility vehicle (SUV) it is possible to help people move from one home to another, transport pets, move other important cargo and more.

Moving is a major undertaking for most people and families. Families with small children who do not have other family in the area and whose friends work during the day might not have the help they need to get the job done quickly. 

Do You Have A Truck or Van? How To Make Money As a Mover
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Advertising as a moving assistant or personal cargo transporter is a fantastic way to get paid for car advertising stickers, while helping people move at the same time.

If you have two cars you might be able to rent your car to people in need of moving/transport assistance as well.

Do you own a pickup truck?

Advertise your availability to help move furniture, appliances and other heavy units for people in need of moving assistance today. Do you own a van or full-size SUV? Estimate how many boxes and/or totes your van can hold. How much should I charge when I help people move? 

One of the best benefits of helping people move is the ability to set your own rates. Hourly and flat rates are both viable options. It is also possible to combine charges by setting a base rate and time limit, with extra charges for going over time or making additional trips beyond the scope of your agreement. 

Have your clients sign a contract for liability purposes and to assure you receive your payment and start earning more money by helping people move today.

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