The legal documents and services needed to sell your car are plentiful and full of important, detailed information. Without having your paperwork in proper order you might lose out on potential profits, or even lose a sale altogether. 

Cosmetic preparation is another important step to selling a car privately and/or trading it in with a dealer. Are the interior and exterior areas of your car recently detailed and cleaned? Does your car have any physical damages or mechanical issues?

Gather the Legal Documents and Get the Services Needed to Sell Your Car

What are the legal documents I need to sell my car as fast as possible?

The first document to prepare is a copy of your vehicle’s entire service history. This is necessary as a way to be transparent about all repairs performed on the car. This helps buyers make informed decisions and prevents you from getting sued for hiding mechanical issues potentially leading to accidents or extra expenses post-sale. 

Your vehicle history report displays all previous owners, and in which states the car has been possessed. The title is of course necessary to transfer ownership of your car from you to the next owner. If you do not have a copy of your title you will need to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your state to have a copy re-issued as quickly as possible.

Touching up all cosmetic issues is the best way to sell a car fast in 2021. Buyers are unlikely to purchase a car from an owner who did not take care of the vehicle. 

Exterior cosmetic issues to consider include scratches to the paint, dirty tires/wheels and cracks/chips in any glass. Interior cosmetic issues to consider include dirty floors, tears in the seats and unpolished dashboard surfaces.