Can I privately sell my car for cash and make more money than trading in to a dealer? One benefit to selling a car privately is you get to set your own minimum selling price. When pursuing a dealer trade-in you only have so much control over the negotiations. Both an art and a skill exist to settle your private sale price, however. Is there a difference in how I should set my sale price if I sell my car for cash in person compared to selling it online?

Regardless of whether you sell your car online or in person, setting an appealing sale price is key to drawing in buyers. Selling your car online gets your vehicle in front of prospective buyers around the country, which gives you more flexibility when setting your pricing. 

How to Set Your Car Sale Price

Listing your car above its true market value just because you are able might cause buyers to shy away, however.

Selling your car in person might give you (and the buyer) more negotiation capabilities, but you might also have to set a sale price aligned with regional statistics instead of national averages. 

Everything so far mentioned herein above has to do with setting your sale price based on the platform through which you sell your car.

How do I sell my car for cash prices according to its make, model, release year and condition? 

Knowing how to incorporate these elements when setting your sale price also helps make or break potential sales. The Kelley Blue Book is a tried-and-true source of real market values on cars of all makes, models and release years. 

The Kelley Blue Book also helps you adjust your sale price accordingly based on the condition of your vehicle. For example, a 2020 Ford Bronco might have an average current market value of $29,613, but if your Bronco is in mint condition you might be able to sell it for more.