The best way to show your car to a buyer has a lot to do with the method you are using to sell the vehicle in the first place. Conceptually this process is simple but preparing your car for a proper showing is much more involved than many drivers might think. 

Your safety, the safety of your family (when applicable) and the safety of the buyer must all be taken into consideration when selling a car privately today. This is true during normal times, but is even more exacerbated during the pandemic when medical safety is also of the utmost concern for nearly everyone in the country.

Here's the Best Way to Show Your Car to a Buyer

The best way to show your car to a buyer for online/website sales is with clear and plentiful photographs. Posting videos of the vehicle is also an excellent visual tool for showing your car to buyers when possible. 

What if I need to show my car to a buyer in person? Buyers want to drive your car prior to making any offers to buy it. 

Screen prospective buyers carefully prior to meeting. Start a brief conversation to help gauge their personality, interest level and potential red flags. Discuss all COVID-19-related safety measures you each need to take. 

Establish boundaries for test-driving purposes and set expectations for social distancing and personal security purposes. Ask for an email address where you can send additional information. 

Once you are comfortable with scheduling an in-person showing, engage in the following six steps w/variations according to needs:

  1. Meet in a public location for the showing.
  2. Bring a safety companion with you.
  3. Take a photo of the buyer’s driver’s license and vehicle tags as a precaution (in case of theft, accident or other possible adverse scenarios).
  4. Ride along on all test-drives, following applicable social distancing protocols.
  5. Be patient and answer all questions the potential buyer asks to the best of your ability.
  6. Do not rush the sale – be at peace with taking your time before accepting any offers.