Recent times created the need for people in the U.S. to save money in whatever way possible. Many auto insurance companies offered discounts to U.S. drivers in 2020 because restrictions and shutdowns caused many people to work from home instead of driving to an office, factory or other business. 

Discount auto insurance rates for reduced mileage is a significant benefit for people needing to save money. Returning to work in 2021 is projected to piling up more traveling miles and consequently paying increased insurance rates again. What other ways are drivers able to save money on auto insurance in 2021?

Save Over $100 Through Safe Driver Discounts

It is possible to save over $100 through safe driver discounts. Many insurance companies offer discount auto insurance to drivers with clean records for specific periods of time.

Discounts for Geico auto insurance are possible for drivers who have no accidents or traffic violations for at least three consecutive years. 

The State Farm Drive Safe and Save program takes a different approach to applying discounts for safe driving. State Farm uses a technology called Telematics.

Telematics uses information and communication technologies to send driving and vehicle data to State Farm. Traffic tickets and accidents are uniquely not used in Telematics to calculate your safe driving discount. 

This proprietary technology calculates how many miles you have driven and the style and characteristics of your driving habits/patterns within specified evaluation and data collection periods.

The State Farm Drive Safe and Save program helps you potentially save over $100 by discounting your insurance rates by up to thirty percent.

Each company has its own safe driving rate deduction policies. Some companies offer discounts for adding safety features and theft-prevention devices on your automobile. Different companies offer discounts for drivers who participate in safe driving classes. 

Many companies commonly discount monthly rates for safe drivers exhibiting minimum periods of time with no accidents or traffic violations. Combining multiple methods of safe driving practices is the best way to save over $100 on your auto insurance rates in 2021.