Members of the U.S. military services are deservingly entitled to numerous discounts on various programs across the nation. Private auto insurance companies as well as military-based auto insurance companies both offer discount programs for active service members and veterans alike. What is the best military car insurance available for U.S. service members and veterans today? 

The Geico military discount is based on your military service, affiliation with specific military organizations and whether or not you receive orders for emergency deployment. When you enroll in the Geico military plan, the discount deducts up to 15 percent from your insurance rate(s) when you are serving in active duty. 

Military Discounts on Car Insurance Available Today

This discount is good in any U.S. military branch including the National Guard or Reserves. The Geico up-to fifteen-percent discount also applies to veterans.

Additional Emergency Deployment discounts are offered to active U.S. Service Members deployed into imminent danger pay areas as specified by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) with further approval from the United States Congress.

While Geico offers excellent discounts, the best military auto insurance is sometimes offered by actual military-based companies. For example, the Armed Forces Insurance Company helps members of the U.S. military find the best auto insurance rates possible by comparing premiums and discount programs from a variety of qualified affiliates. 

The United States Auto Insurance Company also offers discount programs through various affiliates for driving internationally and other U.S. military-based driving needs. 

Getting an auto insurance discount for serving in the military, whether in active service or as a veteran, is often as simple as filling out electronic forms on insurance company websites. 

Fast and convenient auto discount quotes are available online through almost every auto insurance company offering U.S. military auto rates discounts in 2021.