Student car insurance discounts are also available through various auto insurance companies in 2021. Car insurance for college students is often discounted due to the low amount of miles on-campus or online students drive their vehicles. Student insurance car make-and-model discounts are also offered on older, less expensive vehicles. It is also common for student insurance car safety discounts to be applied to annual premiums. 

College students are most commonly eighteen to twenty-two years of age. Cheap insurance for young drivers is possible when the vehicles driven are bundled with their parents’ car insurance policies. Parents who are homeowners and not renters frequently bundle home and auto insurance for additional discounts, which sometimes also qualify for an additional student discount on car insurance.

You May Qualify for a Student Discount on Car Insurance
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Student car insurance is discounted based on several factors. Income is not always a qualifying factor for student auto discounts although some companies do take this into consideration. 

Car insurance for college students is based on the state in which the student is attending school. 

You may qualify for a student discount on car insurance based on certain affiliations between your college and specific auto insurance companies. Do you commute to school on a daily basis or do you live on campus? Do you drive many miles each year or is your annual mileage low? How old are you, how clean is your driving record and are you insured under your parents’ auto insurance policy? 

All these factors influence whether you qualify or a student discount on car insurance or not. The best ways to qualify for a student discount on car insurance include:

  • Maintaining a 3.0 or higher Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Scoring high on standardized tests including the SAT, ACT and PSAT.
  • Ranking within the top twenty percent of your graduating class.
  • Making the honor roll and/or dean’s list.
  • Obtaining an associate, bachelor’s or other degree.
  • Driving an inexpensive car during your college years.
  • Maintaining a clean driving record with no accidents.

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