Sometimes changes in life situations result in also changing the things you previously needed on a daily basis. COVID-19 forced many people to work from home instead of traveling to an office or other facility. College students were also largely required to study virtually from home instead of attending classes on campus. Even without COVID-19, jobs and educational pursuits occasionally change, sometimes resulting in less traveling or commuting.

Auto insurance companies charge more money for premiums when you drive more miles in your vehicle on a regular basis. Conversely, low mileage car insurance rates are also available when the number of miles you drive each month is significantly reduced.

Get a Lower Mileage Discount

How much does low mileage car insurance cost and how does it save you 100s of dollars on monthly or annual premiums?

Signing up for the Geico low mileage discount is one way to cut your auto insurance rate online in 2021.

The national annual mileage average for most U.S. drivers is 12,000 miles each year. Geico auto insurance customers can save up to approximately 1.5% on annual premiums when driving less than 12,000 miles per year. 

The Geico program is also geographically incentivized. Cities such as Los Angeles, California promote less driving to help reduce city and regional traffic congestion and pollution. 

Geico customers in Los Angeles might save as much as 12.5% on annual premiums by driving less miles each year. The Geico DriveEasy app taps into your average driving speeds, braking habits, times of day you drive the most and travels to locations by using your smart phone’s GPS functions. 

Signing up for this low mileage insurance incentive program gets new customers up to a twenty percent discount simply for enrolling in the program.