What are the possibilities of pausing your car insurance without receiving additional penalties, fines and other legal ramifications? The answer to this question partially depends on state laws where you live. The answer also depends on your ability to prove your car was not driven during the period your insurance was paused. 

The ability to suspend car insurance temporarily is created for drivers with specific verifiable circumstances. What circumstances are required to allow you to suspend your car insurance without penalties or fines?

Suspend Your Car Insurance

Sustaining an injury resulting in a disability preventing you from safely operating a vehicle is one circumstance potentially warranting the ability to legally suspend your car insurance. Valid medical records, letters from all applicable doctors and/or surgeons and proof of how/where your car is stored are some of the requirements when suspending your car insurance for medical reasons. 

Suspending your car insurance due to financial hardship alone is rarely permitted. Laws regarding state minimum car insurance requirements are in place for valid reasons. Suspending your car insurance for financial reasons might be permitted for extreme circumstances only and might require the assistance of a qualified attorney to prove.

Other reasons to pause your car insurance might include deployment overseas when serving in an active-duty capacity in the U.S. military. 

Are you going on an extended vacation out of the country? Are you traveling out of the country for an extended period of time due to work requirements? It is possible to suspend car insurance legally when presenting all required documentation proving your situation is valid and your car is locked up/not driven for verifiable and specific periods of time. 

Parked car insurance is a cost-effective alternative option when you are not granted permission to suspend your auto insurance. Please note some U.S. states do not allow car insurance to be temporarily suspended and parked car insurance might be your only option depending on your location.