One way to cut your auto insurance rate online is to remove yourself from a family policy. This strategy might seem counterintuitive to some drivers. Often as a younger driver it saves you and/or your parent’s valuable money to be included in a family auto insurance policy. This is possibly true until you turn at least twenty-five years of age. 

Once you turn twenty-five it is possible for you to get better rates on your own. Are you in college and pursuing a degree? Are you receiving a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) or higher? Some auto insurance companies offer discounts for students who obtain associate, bachelors and higher degrees.

Remove Yourself from a Family Policy
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Many auto insurance companies also offer discounts on car insurance premiums to students who are averaging high GPAs.

What are some other reasons to remove yourself from a family policy?

Minimum car insurance requirements might benefit you financially as an individual driver if you qualify for low mileage discounts on your own. It is possible for your mother, father, or sibling to get into an accident where he or she is at fault. It is also possible for your parents or sibling(s) to get a DUI, be charged with reckless driving or another serious traffic violation. 

Situations like this create unfortunate results, including higher insurance premium costs for you even when you are not at fault. Removing yourself from a family policy when another policy member causes premiums to go up is a smart way to save yourself money. 

It also helps avoid potential issues with getting better car insurance rates in the future. It is further possible for you to be offered better car insurance rates on your own due to your clean driving record, low mileage, joining the U.S. military and other extenuating circumstances. 

Staying on a family policy has its benefits but when those benefits run out it is better to remove yourself and purchase your own car insurance policy for lower rates.

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