How can I get a warranty for my car from the comfort of my own home? It is simple and convenient to find quotes for car warranties online in 2021. Most dealers and manufacturers list available warranty options on their business websites. Extended warranty coverage options are also typically listed, although most dealers/manufacturers require extended warranties to be purchased while your car is still under its original warranty. 

This is a sales and marketing tool designed to get you to make faster purchases before you research competitor’s warranties. It is important to do research and thorough comparison-shopping prior to making auto warranty purchase decisions, however. Third-party extended warranties are available on the open market in 2021.

How to Choose an Auto Warranty from Home
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What does an extended warranty cost? How do I find the best deals on a car warranty today? CarShield, Carchex and Endurance are reliable extended warranty companies trusted by many consumers in 2021.

iDeal Auto Protect, Protect My Car and Autopom! are also popular third-party extended warranty companies on the market today.

What should you look for in a car warranty and companies providing them? Yelp is an excellent review-based website for gauging overall customer satisfaction with warranty services.

Companies getting large amounts of negative reviews should likely be avoided. Look for reliability and personable employees in customer service departments. 

Extended auto warranties range in price from approximately $500 through $2,000 and more. Be certain the cost of your warranty is not:

  • Buying more coverage than you need.
  • More than you can afford.
  • More than the costs of repairing future potential damages.

Finally, when choosing an auto warranty from home, be careful to avoid scams. 

Most auto warranty scams are conducted via unsolicited telemarketing phone calls and are therefore easy to detect and avoid. The safest and best car warranty for you is one you purchase:

  • Directly from a trusted dealer, manufacturer or third-party company.
  • From a provider with a trustworthy reputation.
  • From a provider with a reliable customer service staff available to answer questions without pressuring you to spend money fast.

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