Auto Warranties 101 and You

Every new car purchase includes a vehicle warranty, which protects you from paying for repair expenses due to various defects. Many different types of warranties are available but what is the best car warranty for you and how much does it cost? How do you find quotes for car warranties online in 2021?

Understanding how much an auto warranty costs is important to also understanding its value to you as a driver. Are you looking for a car warranty and companies with affordable policies and coverage terms? Do you know what an auto warranty does? Read ahead for an informative guide about car warranties and you today.

Basic Car Warranties 101
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A vehicle warranty is a type of protective agreement between you and the warranty provider. A warranty is similar to an insurance policy combined with a binding contract, which requires both sides to honor specific terms related to your vehicle. Warranties are written as either limited or lifetime agreements, albeit with specific conditions included in the terms. 

A limited auto warranty lasts for a specified amount of time or until your vehicle is driven for a certain amount of miles. 

For example, common limited warranty terms last for twelve months or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first. A lifetime warranty typically lasts for as long as you own your vehicle, provided certain conditions are met during your time of ownership.

If specific types of damages occur to certain parts of your vehicle while the vehicle is under warranty, you are not charged for applicable repair costs. 

Various conditions apply, however. For example, a common conditional requirement is for all applicable damages to be caused only by defects in the original materials or workmanship. 

The word, “original,” is important to note. Damages caused by a mechanic performing routine maintenance are typically not covered in most warranties, even if the damage was to a part or parts covered for original material or workmanship defects. 

Damages from racing, competing, altering or totaling your vehicle are also not covered by the majority of available warranties in 2021. Warranties are available for both new and used cars, but a used car warranty often contains different terms and coverage limits than those written for new cars.

How can I get a warranty for my car?

Some level of protection is provided through a manufacturer’s warranty, which is usually included in the cost of a new vehicle purchase price. A manufacturer’s warranty is a written promise stating your auto dealer and/or manufacturer will fix all warranty-covered issues at no cost to you. Is the best car warranty for you a manufacturer’s warranty or do you need more?

Implied Auto Warranties offer certain free protections based on applicable state and federal laws. A Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose guarantees your vehicle is safe and operable for its intended purpose. 

A Warranty of Merchantability requires your vehicle manufacturer to fix all issues rendering your car not operable as advertised at the time of purchase. A Warranty of Merchantability essentially protects you from car dealers lying about the products on their lots. 

A Federal Emissions Warranty applies to all cars made from 1995 to present day and protects qualified drivers against defects in emissions-related systems, parts and components. 

Extended warranties are available to purchase for bumper-to-bumper, corrosion, emissions, powertrain and even miscellaneous coverage options. 

Extended warranties last beyond initial warranty coverage terms. Auto dealers and manufacturers sell extended warranties at slightly higher prices than are available on the open market. 

Most open market warranties also include more extensive coverage options than do dealer/manufacturer-provided warranties.

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