If you had an accident it is important to contact your insurance company immediately under the majority of circumstances. Your insurance company will likely require you to get an auto body repair estimate from a specific list of approved accident repair shop service centers. Some extended vehicle warranties also cover auto body repair cost bills. Warranty providers commonly require collision repair cost examples before they will authorize payments for any accident-related expenses, however.

It is possible to save on auto repair costs by doing certain small repairs yourself. Many DIY car accident repair jobs negate insurance and warranty coverage, however. It is understandably important to save on auto repair costs after an accident. Performing DIY car accident repair jobs might cost you more in the end, however. Be certain to carefully read the terms & conditions of your auto insurance/warranty policies prior to attempting any post-accident repairs on your own.

Auto Repairs: How to Choose the Right Body Shop

Body shop prices are expensive, especially when repairing damages caused by a serious accident. Choosing the right body shop requires research and an understanding of the types of damage/expenses involved. When contacting a body shop, ask about their collision repair estimate process. Is the car repair estimate performed for free or is there a charge for assessing the damage/expenses related to your vehicle?

It is also important to ask the right questions. Does rear end collision repair cost more than front-end repair services? Does the body shop provide collision repair cost examples for work they performed on other vehicles? Every accident repair shop also has a local and/or national reputation. Researching real-life customer reviews on Yelp or Angie’s List helps you make informed decisions. 

For example, body shops with numerous negative reviews should likely be avoided. What if your insurance company only permits you to go to a body shop with bad customer reviews? Get your auto repair estimate in writing. Understand how mistakes made by the mechanics will impact your insurance or warranty coverage. 

Finally, make sure the body shop manager agrees in writing to call you for authorization prior to performing repairs beyond what your insurance agreed to cover. Local garages and major auto dealerships charge a wide range of prices for the same types of repair jobs. Is your extended auto warranty provided by your dealership? If so you might not have a choice but to have your car collision repair performed by your dealer. 

Whether you choose a local accident repair shop or a dealership for your collision car repair needs, it is absolutely crucial for you to demand a guarantee in writing. If a body shop refuses, contact your insurance company to pursue the matter further.