Certain DIY methods for lowering repair costs after an accident are possible. In fact, some of the best ways to save on auto repair involve DIY processes using basic parts purchased from AutoZone or other national auto parts stores around the country. 

Receiving a free car repair estimate to understand potential costs does not prevent you from doing certain repairs yourself. As stated the most important financial factor to consider is if DIY repairs will negate your insurance /warranty coverage.

Lowering the Repair Cost Yourself With At-Home Auto Repairs
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The most overall important factor to consider is if you are capable of safely and effectively performing DIY repair jobs on your own in the first place.

Some parts required for rear end collision repair cost less than you might think, depending on the circumstances. For example, it is possible to replace taillights and brake lights on your own with little expense and without much trouble. 

If you have some degree of mechanic ability you might also be able to replace your rear bumper or even your muffler, depending on the vehicle and tools required to complete those jobs. Other damages are far too challenging for DIY repairs to be successful, however. Damages to your vehicle’s frame, dented doors and repairs for engines and/or computer systems likely require the expertise of a certified body shop mechanic.

DIY car repairs are not limited to damages caused in accidents. It is possible to save on auto repair by performing certain small repair jobs yourself.

 DIY oil changes might save you up to approximately $50 or more compared to taking your car to a service center. Replacing brake pads is challenging but possible as a DIY job if you have the required tools and skills. Changing blown fuses, replacing air & fuel filters, installing a new battery and replacing spark plugs are all DIY repair jobs capable of saving you money when you perform them yourself.

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