Maintain Your Car Like a Pro and Make it Last Longer

Proper car repair and maintenance extends the life of your vehicle and keeps it safe for you and your family. A basic car tune-up alone helps make your vehicle more safe and efficient on the road. Fixing something as simple as even a clogged filter is capable of improving your automobile’s performance quality.

Regular car maintenance checks might also include an engine tune up, an oil change, wheel alignment and more. Is auto maintenance a priority? What do the numbers 30-60-90 mean to you? Read ahead for an informative guide on how to maintain your car like a pro and make it last longer.

What to Do Every 3 Months or 3,000 Miles
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Car maintenance service is important to schedule at regular intervals throughout the entire life of your vehicle. Proper car repair and maintenance extends the life of your vehicle and keeps it safe for you and your family. Even a basic car tune up helps make your vehicle safer and more efficient on the road. Is regular auto maintenance a priority for you? When your car reaches each subsequent 3,000 miles, do you know what to do?

Something as simple as a clogged filter is capable of damaging your automobile’s performance systems. 

Air and fuel filters need to remain clean of debris and other particles, which are capable of clogging and rendering them useless if not harmful for your car. Air and fuel filters should be checked every three-months/3,000 miles to make certain they are functioning properly. 

Oil changes should also be performed every three-months/3,000 miles. 

Scheduling to consistently change oil and filter parts is crucial to maintaining the operational health and safety of your automobile. Keeping a steady, “change oil schedule,” also prevents damage to your engine so extreme it is capable of destroying it. 

Why else are oil changes important to have performed every three-months/3,000 miles? Oil is required to allow multiple engine components to operate correctly. Clean oil also helps stop carbon and varnish from building up on your engine. 

What other scheduled maintenance car services should be performed every three-months/3,000 miles?

  • Refilling automatic transmission, power steering & wiper fluid levels.
  • Check all inside/outside lights & replace as needed.
  • Check tire pressure, tread & wear/tear (repair or replace tires as needed).
  • Check all belts & hoses & tighten/replace as needed.
  • Check the exhaust system & replace/repair all parts as needed.
  • Check the battery for proper water levels.

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