Once you have decided that you want to give away your vehicle, your next thought is probably, “where can I donate my car?”

There are many different charities to choose from and no single charity is the best option. Many popular organizations such as Kars4Kids are created primarily for accepting car donations. 

Where You Can Donate Your Car

If you want to receive a tax deduction, you should call the IRS hotline at 1-877-829-5500 or visit the IRS website to check a charity’s eligibility.

Typically, you will want to donate your vehicle to a tax-exempt religious institution or a registered 501(c)(3) organization for a deduction on your taxes.

These organizations may then use the vehicle to help fund their charitable efforts.

Here are a few popular organizations that are usually accepting vehicle donations:

  • NPR Car Donation: If you are a fan of National Public Radio (NPR), you should consider donating your old or unused car to your local NPR station. These vehicle donations help fund NPRs radio programs and broadcasts.
  • Salvation Army Car Donation: The Salvation Army is a popular charitable organization that accepts donations of clothes, furniture, and even used vehicles. Regulations can vary by location, so call your local Salvation Army to see what they accept.
  • Make-A-Wish Car Donation: The Wheels For Wishes program accepts donations of vehicles to help fund the various Make-A-Wish programs.

Goodwill Car Donation: When you donate a car to Goodwill, you may be eligible for a tax deduction.