Donating Your Car to Charity

There are many good reasons to consider donating your car to charity. In fact, both the donor and the charity recipient can equally benefit from a vehicle donation.

Generally, you will be able to receive a tax deduction when you donate your car, and the charity of choice will receive your used vehicle. 

Why Donating Your Car Can Benefit You
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Another major benefit to consider is that you can avoid a lot of the hassle and work that goes into getting rid of a used car for yourself.

By donating your car, you save time on taking out advertisements for your vehicle and having to deal with the phone calls and emails from potential buyers. 

But that’s not all — there are several other reasons to donate your car…

Here are some of the most common reasons why people choose to donate their car to charity:

  • Help support a charity you believe in: When you donate your car to a charity that accepts those types of donations, you are directly supporting them. Some charities will donate your car to veterans or find another way to use your vehicle.
  • Provide a usable to a charity to use: If your vehicle is still in driving condition and usable, many charities will use your donation for their driving needs. This can include using the vehicle to deliver meals, transport people to doctor’s appointments and more.
  • Get a sizable car donation tax deduction: After donating your vehicle, you may be able to claim a deduction on your taxes and get some money back. Try to include the independent appraisal of your vehicle and the charity’s certification in your tax return.

Free pick-up for your vehicle: Many of the best car donation charities will come to collect and tow your vehicle away for free, but it may reduce the amount you receive on your tax deduction.

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