Because your car mechanic will be working on one of your most valuable assets in his or her auto repair shop, it is important to ask questions about anything you want to know. Some questions regarding certification, safety and expense estimates tend to become obvious. Some questions are perfect to ask a mechanic directly.  However, the manager of an auto repair shop might be a better candidate to answer numerous other questions. 

Many individuals have the same questions in mind  ‘When I find a mechanic near me, what are the most important questions I  need to ask?’ Some obvious questions to ask include how much your bill is expected to be and how long the repair job will take to complete. It is also important to ask how your mechanic shop invoices its customers.

Mechanics – Questions You Should Be Asking

Some mechanics bill for labor costs in partial-hour and/or hourly blocks of time. Some also bill in hourly flat-rate increments.

 Ask how prices at other car repair shops compare to your mechanic’s prices. Also ask what labor and parts warranties are offered on services provided and parts installed.

It is crucial to ask for itemized written records for all repairs your mechanic makes and every service he or she provides. A mechanic unwilling to provide this more than likely is not the best choice for your situation. 

Additional important questions you need to  ask your auto mechanic include:

  • Do you provide car rental/loaner services?
  • Are you ASE certified and/or AAA-approved?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How much experience do you have working on my make/model vehicle?
  • Does your business have a mobile mechanic smartphone application?
  • Are you willing/able to provide references/testimonials from prior customers?
  • Can I choose the parts used for all repairs?
  • Do you call customers prior to making additional repairs or changes outside your initial estimate?
  • Are there options for auto repair near me with better prices than yours?
  • Are you willing to help find a mechanic near me if you are unable to do the job?