Finding a good mechanic in your area is possible with a little research and some recommendations from trusted friends. Car repair shops are commonplace businesses in large & small towns alike. Is it possible to find a reliable mechanic near me from my couch? Quality, certified mechanics in 2021 are waiting for your call.

A reliable auto repair shop prides itself on a strong word-of-mouth reputation and positive online reviews. Mobile mechanic smartphone applications help you connect with the best mechanic for your needs fast. Read ahead for tips about finding a reliable mechanic in your area from the comfort of your couch today.

Do Your Research – Friends, Family and Online
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Perhaps the two most important activities for finding the best service provider for any type of service are research and comparison-shopping. 

It is possible to find a mechanic near you by simply entering, “auto repair near me,” and your zip code into a Google search engine. Entering those search words plus the Las Vegas-area 89103 zip code in Google brings up approximately 719,000 results.

Entering those same search words along with a North Atlanta 30328 zip code brings up approximately 3,730,000 Google results. How do you know which mechanics are most reliable, affordable and best for your particular needs?

It is times like these where you literally get by with a little help from your friends, family and online research resources. Finding a U.S. resident who does not have at least one friend who knows a reliable car mechanic is nearly impossible to do in modern times. 

The same scenario likely applies to your family members. Someone you know and trust also knows and trusts a reliable mechanic. Why is this type of word-of-mouth recommendation important? Large, household names such as Subaru, Ford, Jeep, Chevy and more are appealing based on name-recognition and powerful marketing campaigns. 

Pricing at most brand-specific dealership repair shops tends to have higher pricing  on average than prices at local garages, however. Some dealership repair shops are only allowed to work on limited brands of vehicles as well.

You friends and family members usually  tell you the truth about their respective experiences using a mechanic near you. This helps you avoid inflated dealership pricing. This also potentially helps you get discounts or lower markups on costs for parts because you are a new customer with a valued referral.

Yelp is an online review-based website. On Yelp you are likely able to find reviews of every mechanic shop near you, whether neutral, good, bad or other. Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are other viable online options for researching consumer approval ratings of mechanics in your area.

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