Meet the FXDR 114: Harley-Davidson’s Newest Power Cruiser

Meet the FXDR 114: Harley-Davidson’s Newest Power Cruiser

Are you a fan of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and looking to purchase a new bike? Well, you’re in luck. Details about the new FXDR 114, which is based on the Softail platform, have now been released! The FXDR is a power cruiser, and it’s like no other bike out on the market.

The bike has new weight-saving composite components, which provides it with a technical edge. Also, it allows the FXDR 114 to have improved rear suspension performance. Furthermore, Harley-Davidson put an emphasis on the bike’s style. The FXDR 114 has a stretched fuel tank, which lengthens the profile of the bike. For a full breakdown of the company’s newest power cruiser, read the sections below.

Harley-Davidson’s Focus on Power

The new Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 motorcycle is one of a kind! The power cruiser possesses a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. The bike’s engine gives riders a new level of all-out performance they have never before experienced. It’s like a drag racer crossed with a fighter jet. Also, the FXDR 114 possesses new weight-saving aluminum and composite opponents. The new components on the bike offers the opportunity for riders to own a bike that has excellent handling, power and a technical edge – unlike any other bike out there. This makes the FXDR a great addition to the Harley-Davidson lineup.

“This motorcycle is really a blast to ride,” said David Latz, Lead Product Manager at Harley-Davidson. “The FXDR 114 surrounds the very capable Softail chassis with Milwaukee-Eight 114 power, premium front and rear suspension and a host of new weight-saving components and materials. This is a power cruiser that delivers exceptional ride and handling characteristics.”

Harley-Davidson’s Emphasis on Weight Reduction

The aluminum swingarm attains a 10.2-pound weight reduction over a steel Softail swingarm, accommodating a 240-millimeter rear tire. The unsprung weight, which is located below the suspension, has a major impact on rear suspension performance. Moreover, the rear suspension is improved by a lightweight 18-inch diameter aluminum disc rear wheel. The 19-inch forged aluminum Ace front wheel is a lightweight design that features thin spokes.

Moreover, the FXDR 114 tail section and seat are supported by welded aluminum tubing and composite. The composite and aluminum tubing replaces the steel subframe, rear fender and aluminum fender supports used on other Softail models. The changes reduce about seven pounds from the weight of the bike!

Harley-Davidson’s Focus on Style

The FXDR 114 shows its commitment to the performance of the bike through its design. Its visual design was inspired at the drag strip, which is where the application of torque to pavement is sophisticated in its execution.

“The look of the FXDR 114 expresses its performance potential, and highlights the technical features that set it apart from the rest of the Softail lineup,” said Brad Richards, Vice President of Styling and Design. “The drag-bike influence is strong with the raked and inverted front end, massive intake and exhaust, proportional contrast between the wheels and the clipped tail section.”

The speed screen frames the bike possess borders the LED headlamps. The frames help break wind, and give the bike additional power and speed. Furthermore, the FXDR has a stretched 4.4-gallon fuel tank. The fuel tank lengthens the profile of the bike. It showcases the power the bike possesses.

Moreover, the chin of the FXDR 14, which looks like a racing bike, conceals much of the oil cooler. The motorcycle has a cover on the top of the tail section that can easily be removed. By removing the cover, you will have access to a storage compartment within the sub-frame. The compartment allows you to store important items you may need, such as your wallet, purse, lunch and more!

Also, the FXDR 14 has a molded composite rear fender, which is shaped to hug the tire. The fender moves with the tire through the range of the suspension, which makes it difficult to tell when the bike is motion. The front and rear wheel of the FXDR 114 is finished in contrast Gloss Black and Satin Black paint. It is detailed with bolt heads and orange graphics in the rims. This shows of Harley-Davidson’s attention to style and detail.

The FXDR 114 is available in six different colors. They include the following:

  • Vivid black
  • Black denim
  • Industrial gray denim
  • Wicked red denim
  • Bonneville salt denim
  • Rawhide denim

Harley-Davidson’s Dynamic Chassis

The Softail chassis tuned to deliver responsive handling will reward riders with electrifying agility when navigating through traffic. Moreover, complete LED lighting, including a Daymaker LED headlamp with an LED signature halo, rear lighting and LED turn signals, offers optimal lighting, and makes the bike visible in a variety of situations, such as in traffic and at night. Also, the FXDR 114 features a monoshock rear suspension with a single coil-over shock to enhance the travel and response of the motorcycle. The shock has an external hydraulic preload adjustment knob, which allows riders to effortlessly execute top suspension performance, no matter the condition.

Furthermore, the FXDR 114 does an excellent job braking. The dual, 300-millimeter front-disc brakes the bike possesses requires less effort to brake than your average bike. Also, the high-performance Michelin Schroder tires enhance the handling and braking of the motorcycle.

Milwaukee-Eight Muscle

The FXDR 114 is equipped with the most powerful engine offered in the Softail chassis, a Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin. The exposed air filter in the bike utilizes a new synthetic that does not require oiling. Advanced four-valve cylinder head design, dual knock sensors and precision oil cooling permit provides a strong output and acceleration. Additionally, the engine is rigid, which delivers a precise response to braking and steering. The dual counter-balancers the bike has remove primary vibration, which improves the comfort for riders.

If you are interested in getting more power out of the FXDR 114 with street-legal parts, you can purchase a Screamin’ Eagle Titanium Performance muffler. It weighs less than the stock muffler the bike has already, and produces an appealing, aggressive tone. If you decide to purchase a Screamin’ Eagle kit, you can drastically improve the Milwaukee-Eight 144. Also, if an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer installs the kit you purchased, you will receive a factory warranty.