How to Get a Great Deal on a Car Lease

If you’re interested in getting behind the wheels of a new car for a small down payment and affordable monthly payments, you should consider leasing a vehicle. Getting a great car lease deal can be tricky, but with some work and our car buying tips you can find some of the best offers from dealers.

Leasing is a popular financing option among car buyers, with about one in every three cars being leased from a dealership. This alternative financing option can be an ideal choice for some buyers depending on their lifestyle and vehicle needs. If you think that leasing is the best option for you, keep reading to learn some effective ways to get the best lease deals.

Look for Special Leasing Deals
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Special car leasing deals can be an easy way to find savings when you are leasing from a dealership. Dealerships will often advertise their car lease deals offering lower interest rates which result in more affordable monthly payments.

These special offers are promoted throughout the year on many different types of vehicles, so look around to find the best auto lease deal for you.

If you are shopping for a car lease online, you can check to see if the online retailer has a sales page. Sometimes the cheapest car to lease is one you did not consider, so these pages are a good way to find deals you may have otherwise missed.

In some cases, leases on the most popular trim levels of vehicles can be offered at a major discount from the usual cost, resulting in even more savings.

Note: In many cases, these special car leasing deals are offered for a limited time. Try to shop around once you have all the funds and documents you need to sign on to a new lease.

Dealerships are allowed to lease a car with cheap deals on interest rates because these savings are offered directly from the vehicle manufacturer. These manufacturer leasing specials are convenient because they offer you the best car lease deals without any negotiations necessary.

Before you begin negotiating, check the sales that are being advertised by your local dealer for any vehicle models that you might be interested in.

If you don’t find the best lease deals on a vehicle model you want, it may be a good idea to negotiate with a dealer for the lowest offer available. 

Most good deals will not allow less than 12,000 miles or require a high down payment. The cheapest car lease will be a deal with no money down and a low interest rate.

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