As a result of the pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis nearly 5.4 million people were laid off or lost their jobs. Along with the job loss was the loss of health insurance just when it was needed most. Many experienced medical bankruptcies because the bills continued to pile up. Experts state that this number of unemployed workers is 39% higher than at any other time in modern history. 

While many charity programs existed prior to the pandemic outbreak, many more have stepped up to help offer medical debt relief. Here are the top medical charity programs offering assistance with medical bills.

Charity Programs To Help You After An Accident

HealthWell Foundation: This organization extended approximately $610 million dollars to those who were suffering from the overwhelming debt caused by medical bills. Use this grant money to cover your copays, coinsurance, deductibles, premiums on your health insurance, or even travel costs for medical treatment. While their focus is primarily on those facing life-altering diseases, they also offer assistance for those facing chronic illness or injury. 

Aunt Bertha: This is not an organization but rather a medical assistance database that allows you to search for human services, including medical assistance. Search by zip code or city and use the search term: pay for healthcare costs. 

RX Hope: If you are having trouble affording your medications then RX Hope assists you in finding your medications for less, or they connect you with a group willing to assist. 

Rx Assist: This website and organization helps you to find those pharmaceutical companies willing to give you free medications if you cannot afford them. 

GoFundMe: Believe it or not, crowdsourcing for medical cost help is one of the most successful ways to obtain help with medical expenses after a car accident. It costs nothing to set up a page and because it has become such a large segment on the site there is a medical fundraising page where you are given assistance on getting started.