How do Lyft driver requirements compare to Uber requirements for obtaining a rideshare job? Like Uber, if you want to learn how to become a Lyft driver you must first understand the Lyft minimum qualification policies. Lyft requirements for drivers also vary per city and state. For detailed and up-to-date requirement information on how to be a Lyft driver in your city and state, you can visit the Lyft website.

Lyft driver requirements categories include proof of age, required documents and a background check. The Lyft age requirement is different from Uber’s. Local (city, municipality or province) age-related ordinances all vary, although the minimum age range is 21-25 overall. 

How To Become A Driver For Lyft

The states of California, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Washington all require you to have a minimum of one year experience driving on your valid license. 

Proof of insurance and registration are both required when you drive your own vehicle to work for Lyft. A vehicle inspection is also required in certain areas of the country. A background check verifies both your criminal and driving history. Lyft requirements also include completing a Community Safety Education program in accordance with guidelines as set forth by the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) organization.

Vehicle requirements for Uber and Lyft are similar, but not the same. Uber car requirements and Lyft vehicle requirements both require your vehicle to have four safe and properly working doors. 

Uber vehicle requirements mandate your car must be no more than twelve years old. Lyft car requirements are somewhat stricter, but also vary greatly in each city and state. For example, to drive for Lyft in Baltimore, Maryland your car must be a 2009 or newer (at the time of this writing). To currently drive for Lyft in San Francisco, California, however, your vehicle must only be a 2001 or older.

What are some other similarities between Lyft and Uber car requirements? All vehicles must be insured. Are you driving a car you do not own and is insured by a different driver? To be hired by either company under those circumstances you must be listed on the vehicles owner’s insurance policy. 

Both Uber and Lyft vehicle requirements also include verifying the shape and status of the car you are using. For example, cars with cosmetic damage, taxi-related paint jobs, commercial placating or missing parts do not meet the requirements of either business. 

According to Uber your title may not be rebuilt, reconstructed or salvaged. Acceptable vehicle makes and models are subjected to stricter regulations with Lyft. For example, Lyft does not allow its drivers to operate certain subcompact automobiles such as the Ford Fiesta, MINI Cooper, Hyundai Accent and more. Stretch limousines are also not permitted. Each company also has its own minimum seat belt and rental car requirements. For example, Uber does not qualify certain rental cars on its platform, whereas Lyft does.