Part of learning how to become an Uber driver or work for Lyft involves understanding each company’s application processes. When you apply with Lyft you are applying to transport passengers to and from specified destinations or deliver food via Grubhub. When you apply for Uber driver positions, you also have a choice between transporting passengers and making other types of deliveries. 

UberEats delivers a wide variety of fast food and more formal restaurant food items. As of April 20, Uber Direct also delivers packages to purchasers in select areas of the country. Uber Connect allows customers to have packages delivered to friends and family members in participating cities around the nation.

How to Apply To Be A Rideshare Driver

Your application for Uber must specify the type of position for which you are applying.

Whether you are applying for Uber or the Lyft driver application, you and your vehicle must meet all requirements for your submission to be processed. The Lyft driver application is more straightforward because Lyft currently offers fewer options for delivery positions. Still, your Lyft driver application must specify if you have a preferred position. Applications are submitted online for both of these rideshare companies. 

Both the Lyft and Uber driver applications require basic information such as your name and phone number in addition to all other required documents. When you apply with Lyft the application process takes approximately thirty minutes or less.

Once your application and required documents are submitted to Uber, the company takes one to three business days to review and accept your submission. At this point your employment is tentatively approved pending the result of your background check. The total Uber activation process takes one to seven days to complete after you apply for Uber initially. Background checks through Lyft also take several days to complete. 

Do you want to know how to drive for Uber or Lyft as quickly as possible? Be certain to have all required documents ready for accurate submission when you apply to avoid delays and/or otherwise avoidable disqualification.