What is a rideshare rental program? In the event you neither have your own car nor a vehicle from a family member or friend to drive, both Uber and Lyft offer in-house rideshare car rental programs. Uber car rental programs are limited to vehicles selected and made available through Uber and/or its specified vehicle rental partners. 

Uber does not allow its drivers to operate vehicles rented from unapproved sources. Costs associated with Uber rental programs vary based on the length of the rental, the type of vehicle and the state in which you live. Rentals are available on a weekly and hourly basis and prices vary greatly all around the country.

Rideshare Car Rental Programs If You Do Not Have a Vehicle

The Lyft rideshare rental program is called the Lyft Express Drive. Approval is required and must be completed prior to any rentals taking place. Once you are qualified you must choose the time and location to pick up your rental. 

A security deposit is also required, but the deposit is completely refundable provided no accidents, damages or other adverse scenarios occur.

Lyft rental drivers get unlimited Lyft miles when on the clock. Lyft rental drivers also get to choose an amount or personal miles they need for using the vehicle when not signed in. 

Rental costs are deducted from your pay and Lyft promises to not surprise you with unexpected fees or service charges. Lyft rental periods are available for a minimum of one-week at a time.

To maximize the use of your Uber rental or Lyft Express Drive rental you will need to closely estimate your income vs. your expenses. How much work will you get? How much will the rental cost you? Car rental charges can add up quickly, so it is important to know what you are getting into prior to making any commitments.