A reckless driving misdemeanor or other reckless driving charge is possible to get waived or dismissed by following certain safe-driving procedures. It is important to consult references and resources detailing the reckless driving laws in your state to fully understand your options. Speeding reckless driving charges are some of the most common reckless driving violations in the country. Speeding violations resulting in reckless driving charges are also subjected to the most leniency and reduction in charges when certain procedures and corrective actions are taken.

It is important to understand there is no guarantee your traffic ticket is waived for safe driving status or any other reasons. The possibility does exist, however, and is definitely worth pursuing through legal means. Getting your reckless driving ticket cost reduced instead of waived is another possible positive outcome from engaging in safe driver status-related classes or programs.

Have Your Traffic Ticket Waived for Safe Driver Status: Here’s How

What is a safe driving class and how does it help get your traffic ticket waived? Safe driving classes are more officially referred to as defensive driving classes or courses.

It is possible for a judge to allow you to participate in a defensive driving class as a way of reducing your charges or waiving your ticket completely. 

This type of leniency is more commonly granted to first-time offenders or violations involving extenuating circumstances.

Drivers with qualified traffic attorneys representing them are also more likely to receive this type of leniency because an attorney knows how, and when to pursue this particular type of recourse. 

Defensive driving courses are not available in all U.S. states. The costs and lengths of defensive driving programs also vary in each state where they are available. Completing a defensive driver class also helps reduce a DUI to a wet and reckless or dry reckless driving charge. 

The latter are lesser charges, each of which carries variable reduced fines, less license suspension time and the possible elimination of jail time.