When charged with a DUI it is important to know how to locate DUI lawyers who are potentially able to help you. Knowing where to look is an important first step. This process involves thorough research. Most drivers charged with a DUI do not realize it is possible to comparison-shop for the best attorneys available in their area. 

Review-based websites such as Yelp are also helpful when locating DUI attorneys near you. Yelp gives word-of-mouth recommendations from real clients previously charged with DUIs and represented by specific lawyers and/or legal firms. Search engines similar to Google such as Yahoo! and Bing are available to search for DUI lawyers near you. It is also possible to look up the win/loss record for various DUI attorneys pursuant to their respective court cases.

How to Locate DUI Lawyers

Attorney records are made available publicly on the USCourts.gov/court-records website. This information helps you locate DUI attorneys with proven track records. Additional website and online resources also exist. 

Websites such as LawInfo.com allow you to search for various qualified DUI and/or DWI lawyers in your area. What other online resources exist to help you locate qualified DUI lawyers near you?

Attorneys.com, LegalMatch.com and FindLaw.com are all credible websites with search engine portals available to help you locate the best attorney for you. 

Contact information for each attorney is usually provided, including website URLs, phone numbers, fax numbers and emails. 

Many of these search websites and online resources also list client reviews in the directory entries and/or search results you discover. 

This helps you not only find a variety of attorneys available in your area, but also determine which attorneys have the best reputations with current and former clients.