Numerous factors are important when considering the costs of a DUI lawyer. Lawyers are professionals in business to make money. DUI lawyers are not part of legal aid and expect compensation for their services. Some lawyers keep their prices affordable to attract more business and clients. Other lawyers, especially those with the highest winning records in more affluent areas of the country, charge higher rates.

Many drivers abandon the idea of hiring a DUI attorney because many  think the cost of hiring one is too costly. Determining if a potential DUI lawyer is worth the cost has a lot to do with how many fines you receive and what amount each one costs you.

Considering the Costs of a DUI Lawyer
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Another crucial factor is determining if the lawyer you hire is capable of keeping you out of jail, reducing your suspension length, reducing your fines or getting your charges dismissed completely.

Some DUI lawyers allow payment plans. This is also important to know when considering the costs of a DUI attorney. 

Another cost-related factor to consider is how your lawyer’s prices and fees compare with the average costs of DUI lawyers around the country. The nationwide average cost for hiring a DUI lawyer is $1,900 per case plus your fines and other DUI-related expenses. If your lawyer is charging more than the national average it is important to understand why. 

Does your lawyer have a better win-loss record than most other attorneys in the area? Paying more for a DUI attorney is worth it if you are convinced of your innocence and your attorney also believes he or she is capable of getting your charges dismissed.

The total average of a DUI case including DUI attorney and other fees averages between approximately $5,000 and $8,000. Did your DUI involve damaged property? Did your DUI involve injuring or killing another person? The more serious your offense the more seriously you need a qualified attorney to handle your case.

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