Knowing how to get your car insurance lowered involves researching the discount policies of multiple companies. Low premium car insurance rate discounts are often offered to qualified safe drivers. The State Farm Drive Safe and Save program uses cutting-edge Telematics technology to track your driving patterns during digitally monitored evaluation periods.

The more miles you drive using consistently safe habits and driving techniques, the less State Farm charges you for your auto insurance premium. One strategy to lower your average car insurance premium and develop more money-saving safe driving techniques is to participate in a safe driving class.

Get Lower Car Insurance Premiums with a Defensive Driving Course

Safe driving classes are also referred to as defensive driving classes. 

Many auto insurance companies offer premium rate discounts ranging from approximately five to twenty percent when you successfully complete a qualified defensive driving class. For example, Allstate insurance premiums are potentially reduced when you pass an Allstate-sponsored defensive driving course. 

The specific safe driving discount offered varies based on conditions unspecified by Allstate. Contact Allstate at 1-877-810-2920 to find out the exact discount for which you qualify. 

It is important to contact any auto insurance company prior to signing up for a defensive driving class. Similar to bundling discounts, safe driving discounts are not available in every U.S. state.

If the price you pay for a safe driving course does not get you lower car insurance rates the time and money you spend might be wasted. 

For example, the Allstate-sponsored course costs only $39.95, but some programs cost more. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and American Automobile Association (AAA) also offer safe driving classes for seniors and younger drivers alike, respectively.

Are lower car insurance premiums guaranteed upon completion of these classes? Geico provides a convenient online search portal, which allows you to check which insurance companies offer safe driving discounts.

Travelers Insurance offers ten to twenty-three percent discounts for drivers with clean driving records who also complete specific accredited safe driving courses.