How to Save Money on Auto Care

Car care maintenance is often expensive.  If you are like most, your car represents one of the largest personal expenses in your life. For this top reason it is important to keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle, as well as be prepared for the eventuality that something will go wrong. For the savvy shopper and those looking to save a buck on car care, it is as easy as letting your mouse do the legwork for you.

Many of the ways to save money on car care can be found on the internet. You just have to know where to look, and beyond that you need to know the right questions to ask your car repair expert. In many instances, you do not need them at all. Many repairs are DIY and take no more than a few hours. Save money on your car’s care with the following tips.

Clip Coupons for Massive Savings
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Did you know that many service stations, national chains and car manufacturers offer coupons? Taking a ten-minute surf through the internet could yield massive discount coupons for maintenance services such as oil changes, tire balancing and rotation, as well as AC checkups or new tires. It pays to research and compare shops when it comes to car care.  

The following sites consistently offer excellent coupons for services and parts:, and all sell replacement parts at lower-than-box store prices. You may end up paying sales tax on the item, but it almost always is still cheaper than going out to purchase it. 

Many stores ship it to you for free if it is over a certain dollar amount. When ordering from an online auto parts store, make sure you review their return policy. If the part you order is not the right one you want to know you can exchange it for the right part. 

If you do not need parts to make repairs, or you do not wish to make the repairs yourself, then check out for coupons for oil changes and routine maintenance. They feature up to date coupons for a wide range of services, so make sure you take your time to peruse the entire site. 

Another great car coupon site is Groupon. This targets your local car care businesses and is one of the best ways to save money on car services. is another site that often offers local and national coupons. 

The best time to visit and find good coupons for any of these sites is at the very end of the month, or the very beginning of the month. This is because this is when most new sales campaigns begin. 

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