Finding the best prices on tires is important to saving money on car expenses each year. Protecting your tires and yourself from unexpected damages and additional expenses is equally important. The entire weight of your vehicle rests on your tires. The safety of you, your family, your pets and cargo are all reliant upon your tires staying properly inflated and in top condition for as long as possible. 

Good tires also create a smooth, comfortable ride and increased fuel economy for your vehicle when in top-tier shape. Tire and wheel insurance helps you protect your tires and everything literally riding on top of them. There are important factors to consider when purchasing tire insurance in 2021. Tire damage is not generally covered by liability auto insurance plans. Tire theft or vandalism-related damages are covered by comprehensive & collision insurance policies.

What to Consider with Tire Insurance

Flat tires or tires with holes in them are considered wear-and-tear issues and therefore not covered by most regular insurance plans including comprehensive & collision, however. Most new tires come with some type of warranty protection.

Extended tire warranties are also available for purchase. An extended warranty covers your tires beyond the terms of the initial warranty you receive at purchase time.

Extended warranties might also cover more types of damages and expenses than a manufacturers warranty. Different types of available tire warranties include treadwear, uniformity, materials, trial-period and limited road hazard warranties.

Third-party roadside assistance plans also provide various types of tire insurance coverage. Are you a senior citizen? The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) provides multiple resources for finding discount tire insurance for you. Tire and wheel insurance coverage is also available in the form of roadside assistance plans through the American Automobile Association (AAA). 

It is also possible to compare tire and wheel insurance plans online through rate comparison websites. Discount tire insurance rates are discoverable through search portals on websites such as,,, and more. 

Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection is also currently offering up to sixty-five percent discounts on five years of tire protection coverage at the time of this writing.