How To Save Big On The Best Tires for Your Car

Finding affordable tires is an integral part of budgeting money for car parts and repairs every year. The best tire prices are often available through discount tire coupons or auto parts megastore websites. But there are other ways to save on tires and if you have been asking yourself “How can I take advantage of rebate and coupon offers in 2021” here’s your definitive guide.

Learning how to choose tires and compare tire prices is easy to do from home with thorough research and an internet connection. Tire rebate offers, discount tire insurance and knowing where to buy tires help save you money. Read about how to get the best tires for your car without leaving home today.

Buy Tires at the Right Time of the Year
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Knowing how to choose tires at the right time of the year often helps save hundreds of dollars on new tire purchases. New tires cost a significant amount of money depending on the size, brand and vehicle for which they are made. Tire sales run all year long at megastores, dealerships, retailers and online vendor sites, but not necessarily at the same time. 

It is important to compare tire prices between multiple vendors to find the best price for your needs.

Sales on cheap new tires are common in the months April and October. April falls right before warmer weather and summer months kick in nationwide. This type of weather encourages drivers to purchase new tires prior to going on long road trips. 

October tire sales are geared toward consumers looking to shore up the safety and handling of their vehicles before the winter months bring wet, snowy, icy and otherwise dangerous conditions to most U.S. roadways. New tires also cost less during sales run by various retailers and dealers during major U.S. holiday events. 

Memorial Day and Labor Day tire sales often get you the deepest possible out of the entire year. These types of sales events precede normal seasonal prices, which increase immediately after the sales events are over. It is always important to take advantage of the best tires prices available during special sales events when possible.

Another tip to finding great tire prices at the right time of year is to search for cheap new tires during off-season months. While it is true the best deals are usually found during major sales events, some businesses run off-season (aka out-of-season) sales as well. These sales might seem random, but they are often held at times during the year when business is slow. Promotional offers and discounts help bring a company’s tire sales back into the black. 

Primary tips for buying tires at the right time of the year include:

  • Purchase from megastores offering discount tire coupons all year long.
  • Buy in April and October when new tires cost less than during other months.
  • Buy during major holiday sales events.
  • Search for deals during off-season months as well.

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