Deciding which auto insurance premium policy you want based only on a discounted price is yet another mistake made by numerous U.S. drivers today. If the goal is to save money with a lower car insurance rate, what is wrong with choosing a policy based only on price? The umbrella answer to this question is truly relative to each individual driver and his or her needs, although certain aspects are worthy of more detailed thought and consideration.

For example, have you accurately evaluated your car insurance coverage needs? Your budget is always a priority consideration. Purchasing discount car insurance based only on budgetary needs might end up costing you exceptionally more money in the end if you have an accident and are not properly protected from its damages and costs.

Mistake 3: Deciding Based Only on Price

Every U.S. state also has its own sets of laws and auto insurance requirements. If you are caught driving without insurance in a state where it is required, or driving with less than the minimum required amount, you could lose your license and pay steep fines. In some states driving without insurance is even punishable by jail time. Therefore it is crucial to weigh out all possibilities based on your situation.

Do you drive a lot at night on winding roads? Do you live in a state with frequent high winds, heavy snowfall or limited visibility? You might need comprehensive and collision coverage to make certain you are effectively protected.

Do you drive long distances or in high-rise traffic areas with your family every week or every day? You might want to consider adding MedPay coverage to your policy right away. Do you own your car outright or do you still have an auto finance loan through a lender? 

Most lenders require drivers to carry full tort policies until any car loan balances are paid off in full.

While paying more for auto insurance than you need is not advisable, neither is carrying insufficient protection for you, your family and your vehicle. The national car insurance price per month is approximately $133 on average per vehicle. This price varies (both higher and lower) based on the applicable state, coverage additions and discounts. 

Auto discount quotes are available for every type of car insurance policy imaginable and it is completely possible to get reasonable, discounted rates on the exact amount of coverage you need to fully protect yourself today.