Recognizing the best auto insurance companies in business today helps you find the lowest rates available for your needs. Progressive, Allstate and Geico top the list of most U.S. drivers’ considerations in 2021 due to their affordable premium rates, competitive discount offers, brand-name recognition and transparency pursuant to allowing their rates to be compared to rates from other companies. facilitates one of the top car insurance rate-comparison sites today, while also selling its own discounted policies. Allstate has a long U.S. history of highly revered customer service, consumer trust and competitive discount premiums.

Tip: Consider These Great Companies For Low Auto Insurance Rates
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Geico is perhaps the top competitor for Progressive as far as name recognition and popularity within a wide demographic of U.S. drivers. Geico boasts offering its customers flexible discounted rates and coverage options across the board.

What are some top hot-tips for finding the best auto insurance discount rates available in 2021? 

Many effective strategies can lower your average auto insurance premium if you know how to take advantage of them. 

The 10 helpful tips can point you in the right direction while looking for the best auto insurance rates in 2021:

  • $1,592 is the average annual premium cost for good drivers with good credit. Do not let your insurance company charge you more than average prices, especially if as a good driver you qualify for even deeper discounts.
  • Avoid paying for more coverage than you need, while simultaneously making sure you have enough.
  • Even good drivers with clean records get extra discounts for taking safe driver classes online.
  • Raising your deductible almost always lowers your average auto insurance premium costs per year. 
  • Ask your insurance agent for extra discounts as a courtesy – it sometimes works!
  • Some insurers give discounts to students for making the honor roll, obtaining a degree and more.
  • Leaving a family plan might get you better rates on your own.
  • Conversely, joining a family plan might also reduce the rates for all people on the policy.
  • Discounts are often given when you stop driving your car for extended periods of time for medical, travel or other reasons – you just have to ask.
  • Driving an older make/model car lowers your car insurance price per month.

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