Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Auto Insurance

Comparing auto insurance rates is fairly simple to do these days. Finding discount car insurance policies requires more time and research. The national average auto insurance premium is $1,592 per driver per year. This rate varies based on a wide variety of factors. How do I get the cheapest car insurance coverage available in my state?

Discounts are available for coverage policy bundles and verified safe driving habits for those who are qualified. Online auto insurance quotes comparison-websites are also available for finding the best prices available now. Read ahead to learn the top 10 tips for finding a lower car insurance rate using discounts, comparison-shopping, and online insurance companies.

Mistake 1: Not Taking Advantage of Discounts
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Not taking advantage of the multiple types of auto insurance discounts available is a mistake many drivers make by accident in 2021. Auto discount quotes are available online every day and even the most basic of searches generate offers for reduced premiums lower than what you are paying now. Not every U.S. driver is automatically qualified for auto insurance discounts, but most drivers can become qualified by following certain steps. 

What are some top ways to take advantage of auto premium discounts today? What types of rate discounts are available in 2021?

Bundling discounts are popular and effective ways to pay lower car insurance costs in modern times. Are you a U.S. driver who also owns a home, boat or life insurance policy? Top-tier companies such as Allstate offer up to twenty-five percent discounts when you bundle home and vehicle insurance policies in the same account. 

Liberty Mutual offers discount car insurance for bundled home/auto policies as well as bundled auto/renter’s insurance. 

Farmers give an auto insurance discount of up to twenty percent when you bundle auto and home insurance policies with their company. Generally speaking, the more policies you bundle into one package, the lower your auto insurance premium costs will be.

Car insurance coverage is also discounted for safe drivers. Senior drivers are able to take safe-driver classes through the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), which result in discounted auto insurance rates. Drivers of any age, including seniors are also able to take safe-driver classes with the American Automobile Association (AAA) as another means of getting a lower car insurance rate each year. 

Additional types of car insurance coverage discounts include:

  • Active & veteran U.S. military discounts.
  • Student discounts.
  • Family plan discounts.
  • Accident-free discounts.
  • Discounts offered due to voluntarily raising your deductible.
  • Pay-as-you-go car insurance discounts.

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