When you are cited for a traffic violation you receive a ticket, a fine and possibly even a driver’s license suspension. It is also possible for your insurance rates to increase for every ticket you receive. Your driving record is also adversely affected when you are arrested for most traffic violations. 

Motor vehicle departments in most U.S. states use a demerit point system for individual and accumulated traffic violations you commit. Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Washington and Wyoming do not participate in a demerit point system. Oregon uses a hybrid point system based on the number of violations you commit.

Erase Points from Your License FAST

All the other U.S. states charge points against your driving record for each applicable traffic violation for which you are found guilty.

How does a demerit point system affect your driving record and ability to drive your vehicle? The more points you accumulate the higher your insurance company charges for your insurance rates. 

Once you reach a specific amount of points in your state your license is suspended. Reaching the same amount of points again within a specified amount of time results in an even longer suspension and potentially high fines. Therefore it is important to erase points from your license fast in any way legally possible.

Successfully completing a defensive driving online course might remove points from your driving record. Even if you are unable to get a ticket dismissed, online traffic school sometimes helps reduce the punishment. This is especially important when you already have a number of points accumulated and your next violation will result in a driver’s license suspension. 

Demerit point systems vary in each participating U.S. state. Certain states also do not allow online driving classes for suspension or point reduction. Check with the DMV in your state for more information.