When it comes to researching a personal injury attorney it is important to use proper strategies for finding the right one. Multiple ways to find a car accident lawyer best suited for you are available online, through other reliable word-of-mouth sources, or trusted online sites. Many clients have the same concerns, so your question more than likely has already been asked.

Prospective clients with serious injuries frequently ask, “How do I find top rated injury lawyers near me?” Typing this exact question into online search engine websites such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing is one way to find a car accident lawyer in your local area fast.

Personal Injury Lawyer – Finding the Right One

Additional online resources for finding the right personal injury lawyer near you include:

  • Attorneys.com.
  • LegalMatch.com.
  • FindLaw.com.
  • LawInfo.com.
  • USCourts.gov/court-records (for your lawyer’s win-loss records).

Simply finding an attorney near you does not guarantee he or she is the right lawyer for your case. 

Asking the right questions of each lawyer you are considering for your case is crucial to finding the right one. Are car accident lawyer fees too expensive for you to just ask basic questions with no guarantee of positive results? Most attorneys offer free consultations. Initial phone consultations last ten minutes or more to determine if your case is worth pursuing in court. 

Some lawyers offer free in-person or virtual consultations lasting up to an hour in length. How much does a personal injury lawyer cost? Please remember most personal injury and car accident attorneys only get paid if you get paid. 

Fees range from ten to twenty-five percent or more of your final settlement amount plus expenses when applicable. When it comes to researching personal injury attorneys finding the right one for you requires having compatible personalities, transparent fee structures and a belief in the ability to win your case.