Discover the Top 3 Ways to Save on Gas Costs

Knowing how to save gas money is an essential part of staying within your budget during modern times. Various national fuel and grocery chains offer beneficial rewards programs and discounts on fuel purchases. Do you also know how to save on gas with DIY car maintenance services?

Getting good gas mileage is one method of saving on fuel expenses every month. Not every driver knows how to maximize fuel economy in his or her vehicle using DIY tricks, but the GasBuddy app helps enrolled drivers save money on nearly every gas purchase they make. Read more about the top ways to save on gas costs today.

Gas-Saving Apps
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Effective ways to get significant gas savings are available in 2021. DIY car maintenance tricks and services are helpful, but some require extra time and particular skills to work. Modern times dictate the need for convenience, especially now that COVID-19 restrictions are lifting and drivers are spending more time on U.S. roadways commuting to work and school again.

Fortunately, popular gas-saving smartphone apps are available to help you save on fuel expenses every week.

Do you know how to save on gas using Gas Buddy with your smartphone? The GasBuddy app is the first smartphone app of its kind released on the market. Estimated savings from using this program reach approximately $340 per year per customer. 

What is the best Gas Buddy app benefit? In addition to saving you money on gas every week, the basic program is free to use. This app does not use credit cards, but it does require your checking account information to work. 

Are you 18+ years of age, hold a valid driver’s license and own an active checking account? When you swipe your Gasbuddy card at the pump, the app initially pays for the fuel on your behalf. 1-3 business days later, discounted charges are debited from your checking account. 

Paid GasBuddy Plus and Gas Buddy Premium memberships are also available. These memberships cost $7.99 and $9.99 per month respectively, although discounted annual rates are also available. Paid GasBuddy memberships provide up to 40c/gallon discounts at the pump as well as proprietary deal alerts. Gas Buddy Premium membership also comes with roadside assistance benefits.

Other popular gas-saving apps are also available in 2021. Terms, rates and benefits all vary per app, although each one helps you save money on gas every week. A list of additional gas-saving apps available in 2021 includes:

  • Waze.
  • AAA Mobile.
  • Gas Guru.
  • MapQuest.
  • Get Upside.

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