12 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

12 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

Anyone looking to live better and enjoy life more fully will find motorcycling an activity that brings new rewards each day. Riding a motorcycle is often seen as something so imposing, that many shy away from giving it a try. Unfortunately, avoiding it causes them to miss out on the chance to enjoy the world in a whole new way.

Riding a bike can bring a sense of inner peace that can’t be found in most activities. Not only that, but, riding a motorcycle is an activity that comes with a sense of comradery that opens the door to new friendships. While there is a host of reasons and myths that make some avoid the activity, there are many more reasons why hitting the road on a motorcycle leads to a richer life full of fun and adventure.

1.    Riding a Motorcycle is Cool

Most bikers won’t acknowledge (at least not out loud) that the reason they ride is that it makes them look cool. No matter the skill level, there is an inherent pride in being part of an elite group of individuals skilled enough to ride a motorcycle.

2.    Inner Peace

Bikers who ride long enough care less about the small things in life, such as “helmet hair” or walking into a restaurant sporting base layers. They don’t complain when it’s hot, cold, rainy or windy. Experienced riders know that getting angry over these things breaks their focus. Riding takes a level of awareness to which bikers pay constant attention, including speed, angle, body posture, road condition, lane position, hazards and a host of other variables. When a rider reaches that level of concentration, it clears the mind of unnecessary clutter.

3.    It Makes for an Easier Commute

Motorcycles are a viable mode of daily transportation. By safe use of lane splitting, bikers can navigate through traffic, and get to their destinations with much less stress and frustration than the average motorist.

4.    Riding a Motorcycle is Environmentally Friendly

Most modern bikes meet government emissions standards. When bikers lane-split while commuting, they decrease the time spent sitting in traffic, emitting more harmful gases to the air. Electric bikes are an even greener choice, because they don’t give off the same harmful pollutants as gas-fueled motorcycles.

5.    Motorcyclists are Less of a Drain on the System

The weight of cars places stress on roadways. Motorcycles and their riders weigh less than standard passenger vehicles, and are thus less taxing on the roads. Ultimately, motorcycle use helps roads last longer, and requires less frequent repairs.

6.    A Motorcycle is Hacker-Proof (for Now)

In the age of computers, smartphones and other connected devices, the worry about privacy is valid. Unlike those smart devices, however, a motorcycle cannot be hacked (at least, not yet). Although many newer bikes connect to smartphones, data privacy is not an issue.

7.    More Human Hands Involved

There are far more human hands that go into building a motorcycle than a car. Some of the trickier tasks required to produce a bike are better suited to human hands than a robot. These delicate tasks are especially true for a boutique or custom-made motorcycle. When a bike is built by hand, there tends to be more a personal connection and attention to detail not found in a traditional manufacturing process. It is a connection that ultimately makes the bike that much more special.

8.    It’s Good for Human Health

Riding a motorcycle is physical. Using correct posture and paying attention to lean play a significant role in a safely navigating the bike. Given that, studies have shown that bikers lose 40 more calories per hour riding a motorcycle than they would while driving a car. More importantly than weight loss, bike riding is good for the brain. The concentration required while riding helps keep the brain sharp.

9.    The People are Awesome

Motorcycling is akin to a small-town friendliness that is hard to resist. Thus, riders tend to greet each other with a wave, a nod or an extended foot when passing each other. As most bikers are social, showing up somewhere on a bike opens the door to new friendships. It makes people go out of their way to strike up a conversation and share stories. Motorcyclists come in all ages, races and backgrounds. As such, bike owners have the opportunity to interact with people outside of their socioeconomic, religious and racial circles.


The world is full of such chaos that it is easy to lose sight of what matters. The daily battle with keeping up with kids, relationships, bills and the other things that demand attention can be taxing on anyone. Living in such a hectic world can lead a person to feel pulled in many directions at once. On a bike, however, there’s just the rider and the road. Getting on a bike makes it easy for a person to zone out and focus on the ride. Because riding takes such focus, riders have less time to worry about other things.

11.A Sense of Connection to Surroundings

Driving a car can inhibit the authentic experience of the journey. In a vehicle, passengers are limited to interaction with other passengers, their smart devices or the vehicle infotainment system. When they are closed off from the environment, passengers miss the things that make getting to the destination the most exciting part of the trip.

Biking is an activity that allows the rider to experience every detail along the way. Without the distraction of social media, smartphones and other technology, the rider can focus on the ride. On a bike, the journey becomes something that allows riders to enjoy the world with all their senses. Bikers get to enjoy the smell of fresh air or feel the wind as it blows across their faces.

12.The Thrill!

Many bikers find the adrenaline rush that comes from riding a motorcycle indescribable. Whether it is pushing the bike above the speed limit, swooping through corners or attempting a wheelie, it is an experience that can be fun for riders of all skill levels.