The Best Affordable Motorcycle Helmets

The Best Affordable Motorcycle Helmets

If you are in search of a new motorcycle helmet, but do not want to overspend, consider these cost-effective and safe options. These motorcycle helmets come in sleek designs, so you do not need to sacrifice style for affordability. Keep in mind that the cost of an affordable helmet is relative. In general, you must pay at least $70 – and potentially more – for a reliable helmet. Cheaper options may provide less, if any, protection.

Though many motorcyclists prefer to buy their helmets from manufacturers, some trustworthy online sources may have better prices. For example, Amazon and other wholesale sellers often have good deals on valuable helmets, as manufactures send them their unused products, in order to focus on newer models.

To ensure a helmet is legitimate, research it beforehand. Read through customer reviews and FAQs, and check the reliability of the seller. It’s also wise to check the helmet’s rating with multiple sources and read evaluations from experts. If you do not want to spend the time searching for genuine deals, below is a list of reputable helmets all under $300. These products were chosen for their style, affordability and safety. As you will notice, the majority of these selections are in the intermediate oval shape.

1. Bell Qualifier DLX

At $249.95, this model is at the higher end of the $300 price range, yet it has a wide variety of features, including a transitions-adaptive photochromic face shield, which darkens or lightens, depending on sunlight intensity. In addition, the helmet works with both Sena SMH10 and Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 comm systems. It comes in three different shell sizes, and can be equipped with MIPS for just $20 more. Overall, the features of the DLX make it worth the extra money, in comparison to the Bell entry-level Qualifier. As with all Bell helmets, this product comes with a five-year warranty.

2. BiLT Fusion

The BiLT Fusion makes up for what it lacks in design and high-tech features with safety components and a low cost of $69.95. Though some motorcyclists complain about Cycle Gear’s cheaper options, this manufacturer provides trustworthy workmanship and excellent online and in-store customer service. The brand is known for its simple return and exchange processes.

3. Biltwell Gringo

The full-faced Biltwell Gringo, listed at $159.95, offers many features for the price. The outer shell is injection-molded, and therefore resists breakage. This helmet also has an EPS inner, removable liner with contrast stitching sewn by hand. Motorcyclists can choose from a wide array of colors and finishes, all hand-painted, to go with the retro design. However, the helmet does not come with its own shield, so you must purchase a separate pair of goggles or glasses to protect your eyes. If you like these features, but do not like the style of the Biltwell Gringo, Biltwell also offers the modern Lane Splitter for $249.95.

4. HJC CL-17

Listed at $134.95, the CL-17 is known to provide a variety of design options to buyers, so they can customize their helmets to their styles and needs. For example, bikers may choose from nine colorways and four optional shields. The helmet also comes in unisex sizes XS to 5XL. Other features include interchangeable and washable cheek pads, an interior antibacterial fabric that wicks away moisture and a face shield that does not require tools for installation.

5. Scorpion EXO R420

The $159.95 Scorpion proves to be an excellent deal when ranked with other inexpensive full-face options. Impressively, both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Snell approve this model for safety. It has a removable and washable liner, cheek pads made for sunglasses and speaker cutouts. Buyers may choose from four different graphic themes and various colors and patterns. For a less expensive version, choose a solid color, as opposed to a pattern.

6. Bell Custom 500

The Bell Custom, inspired by Roy Richter’s Bell classic of the 1950s, costs $199.95. This helmet offers five different shell sizes, from XS to XXL, and a range of color options. Motorcyclists may choose the design pattern and the finish. To install a separate shield or visor, the helmet can be customized to have a five-snap pattern on the brim. For bikers looking for a pre-installed sun shield, consider the $199.99 Scorpion Belfast, which has a similar style, and a tan leather interior.

7. Joe Rocket Carbon Pro

The Joe Rocket Carbon Pro costs $145.19, and features a lightweight, comfortable and sleek design that meets both DOT and Snell safety standards. This product boasts a dual-density 4×4 carbon fiber weave, and an anti-fog 3D shield. It also has two, large adjustable front intakes, which channel air out of the helmet by means of an aerodynamic rear exhaust spoiler. Order a size up to ensure a correct fit of this snug helmet.

8. Nolan N21 Visor

If you are looking for a high-tech option in the $300 price range, consider the open-faced Nolan N21 Visor, listed at $210.46. This helmet has an extra-wide visor, which provides excellent visibility and peripheral vision. It also has an integrated sun shield, a strap buckle for quick release and channeled air ports. Flip up the visor whenever you choose, and retract the sun shield by pressing a button. For a similar but less expensive style, consider the LS2 OF569.

9. Bell Revolver EVO

At $99.95, the Bell Revolver EVO costs less than the majority of helmets on this list, but still provides comfort and quality. This oval-shaped helmet has an interior sunshade that can be lifted when not in use. Other features include ventilation ports with flow-adjust settings, integrated speakers, an optional transitions adaptive face shield, two shell sizes and a magnetic strap for easy release.

10. GMax GM54S

Though the GM54S is an off-brand helmet, motorcyclists have raved about it in reviews. This product costs $166.46, and has several unique safety features. The chin bar, for example, rotates to the top of the helmet’s crown to allow for full visibility. In addition, the helmet’s integrated red rear lights make bikers more noticeable on the road.

11. HJC IS-Max II, $198.99

For $198.99, the IS-Max II offers an interior adjustable sun shade, ventilation channels, a Pinlock face shield and an adjustable chin bar. Other health and safety features include a washable anti-bacterial liner and removable cheek pads. The helmet comes in a variety of colors and styles, which may change the final cost. 75 percent of Amazon reviewers rated this helmet as ‘Excellent.’

12. Scorpion EXO AT950

Though the AT950 has a high price of $269.95, it is a superb choice for dual-sport riders. This helmet provides a chin bar that flips up, a large eye port for goggles and a removable off-road visor. It also has an anti-fog face shield, an internal sun visor and a washable liner that wicks away moisture. This multipurpose helmet can therefore be used for on- and off-road trips.

13. Scorpion EXO C110

With a list price of $129.95, this half helmet is known for its modern style and useful features, such as contouring on the shell, top vents outside the helmet, a peak visor, an EPS liner and removable ear flaps, which attach to ear pads. The shaded visor may be raised or lowered, though it blocks the exterior air vents when raised. For a comparable helmet with a more classic design, consider the Bell Pit Boss.

14. Voss 888 FRP

This lightweight half helmet, named after its weight of 888 grams, costs only $99.95, and comes in a variety of sizes. It offers a fiberglass shell, an eye shade that can be removed without tools and a metal buckle that locks underneath the chin. For an estimated $50 more, the shell comes in carbon fiber, a tougher material.