Top 3 Resources for Senior Drivers

Top 3 Resources for Senior Drivers

Many U.S. seniors are independent people with the need and ability to drive where they need to go without assistance. Safe driving for seniors is an important issue to discuss, especially with all the fast-paced changes happening in the world today. What are some safety and training resources for senior drivers available today?

Paying out-of-pocket for high auto repair bills is challenging for many consumers. The AARP senior driving course helps seniors retain driving skills and control of a vehicle. The DMV senior written test helps seniors understand changes in modern traffic laws. Read ahead for more information on available resources for senior drivers in 2021.

Online Resources

So many online resources for senior drivers are available in 2021 it might be challenging to know where to begin your search. This senior driver resources guide helps place multiple sources of valuable information in one convenient location, making it easy to get the information and help you need today. Online resources for senior citizens are available through private, state and even U.S. federal government locations.

What are the two main sources for online senior driving and safety resources today?

The American Automobile Association (AAA) offers multiple helpful benefits for drivers of all ages, including America’s seniors. AAA provides roadside assistance, discounted auto insurance, discounts on tires, car repairs and more. The AAA senior driving course is popular for several reasons.

The course includes education on how to extend your safe driving career. It also includes training on how to avoid distractions, not become drowsy while driving and regulations pursuant to using alcohol/medications while operating a vehicle.

Sometimes seniors have trouble managing visibility, time and space while driving. The AAA senior driving course offers training on these issues as well as safety and comfort tips. Additional benefits from successfully completing the AAA senior driving course include possible auto insurance discounts and improved skill sets for using the latest technology while driving your vehicle.

Senior citizen driving courses are integral to keeping America’s elderly driver population safe when driving on public roadways. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is an organization dedicated to helping seniors in multiple ways. The AARP senior driving course is one of those ways, and it accomplishes its goal by offering auto insurance discounts and other benefits upon the successful completion of the course.

The AARP senior driving course is available to members and non-members alike. Non-members pay $32.95 for the course, but members get a fifteen percent discount and pay only $27.95 for one the best online driver safety resources for seniors available today.

Special Courses

Various special courses are also available online today in addition to the popular AAA and AARP senior driver safety course options as detailed above. A primary example of a special senior driving course is the program offered by the Senior Driving Discount of America (SDDA) organization. This special course helps seniors get fifteen percent discounts on auto insurance once the course is successfully completed.

What other special senior citizen driving courses are available in 2021? The iDriveSafely online mature driver safety course costs only $19.95 for non-seniors and only $17.95 for verified senior citizens. The iDriveSafely course is capable of completion from the comfort of your own home and is designed to save seniors approximately $300-$500 per year on auto insurance premiums once successfully completed. The course involves twenty-five questions and requires up to three hours to complete.

The website offers free, helpful tips for senior drivers. Mature driver safety classes are special courses designed to meet the needs and updated learning requirements of elderly drivers.

Seasoned driver training programs are special courses offering crash prevention education, tips to avoid traffic citations and techniques to prevent accidents using focus, defensive driving and awareness. Special senior driver safety course programs teach similar concepts and skills, with additional training on how to maintain a safe automobile and properly use air bags, seat belts and more.

Testing Resources

Written and operational senior driving test programs are essential to keeping senior drivers safe and knowledgeable about updated traffic laws. Multiple testing resources are available online, but how do you locate the best courses today? Private and government organizations both provide essential testing resources for senior drivers.

The Department of Motor Vehicles in each U.S. state is an excellent online government-sponsored resource. Methods for contacting the DMV applicable to you varies based on the state in which you live, as each DMV has its own website and search portal/testing registration processes.

A DMV senior practice written test is guaranteed to get you the best results pursuant to updated traffic laws and driver education. This is because a DMV senior written test is created by the primary source of traffic laws and regulations in your state. is a website dedicated to preparing senior drivers for DMV senior written test questions and requirements. Simply enter the state in which you live by clicking on the appropriate link to begin the testing process. Additional senior driving course testing resources are also available. The depth and quality of the AAA and AARP written examinations are comparable to those provided by your state DMV.

The AGA (Geriatrics Healthcare Professional) organization recognizes the importance of senior driver testing. In association with the AGA, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) supplies a guide to assessing, counseling and testing older drivers. A Place For Mom is another credible organization offering driver safety and testing assessment resources today.

Additional testing resources for safe senior driving include:

Merck Manual (Functional Assessment of the Older Driver): This is the official guide used by medical and legal professionals when evaluating someone’s ability to continue to drive safely.

You can access it for free to read some of the conditions and environments that make for hazardous driving for those 65 years of age or older.

American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Driving Evaluations: This useful resource gives you an overview of how an occupational therapist can offer invaluable advice when it comes to testing driving ability. The evaluative test you experience when visiting an occupational therapist is outlined in detail so you know what to expect.

CogniFit (Online Cognitive Assessment Battery for Driving): Of all the evaluation resources, this is one you can do yourself online. There is a small fee of $50. The assessment evaluates your cognitive abilities and processes you use when driving. It identifies any risks to you or others. If you are unsure whether you should be driving any longer, this is a good one to take.