Top 5 Worst Custom Paul Jr. Bikes

Top 5 Worst Custom Paul Jr. Bikes

In 2018, reality TV shows are still thriving, as they somehow grow more and more detached from reality. There are countless reality TV shows about custom-made creations for everything from fish tanks to decked-out cars. One of these shows, American Chopper, features Paul Jr., who has a side business making custom motorcycles for clients spending the big bucks. Unfortunately, like most things on reality TV, they are often eccentric, outlandish and a little rough around the edges. Since we are the experts on motorcycles, our team has taken many long hours to discuss five Paul Jr. custom motorcycle designs that are the worst of them all!

More About Paul Jr. and His Motorcycles

Paul Teutul Jr. is the chief designer and creator of many world-famous motorcycles that have been featured on the popular reality TV show, American Chopper. Although fans of extravagant and brazen motorcycle designs may be amused, motorcycle purists are nothing short of offended by many of Paul Jr’s creations. In fact, many of his bikes are nothing more than non-rideable show props that tarnish perfectly good choppers.

Cartoonish colorways and designs, jagged metal and sometimes snow tires are a good way to describe Paul Jr’s motorcycle creations. These choppers are intended more for art enthusiasts and less for bikers, so they may be appreciated differently, depending on how much someone values practicality. Without further ado, here are the top five worst custom Paul Jr. motorcycle designs.

1.      The Cadillac Bike

Cadillac is a company known for its prestige, along with its bold and innovative range of luxury vehicles. From the spacious and baller Cadillac Escalade to the more modern and sleek Cadillac ATS-V Coupe, this company is known for quality. Quality, however, is one thing that Paul Jr. is not known to produce. The Cadillac Bike is about as obvious as a knockoff can get, and can be considered borderline offensive to the Cadillac name.

The faux-Cadillac decklid on the rear fender is so out of place and awkward that it sends a small shudder down my spine when I look at it. However, what possibly could be the worst offense of this contraption, is the “SUPERCHARGED” label boldly emblazoned on the motorcycle. Sure, advertising the supercharged capability of a motorcycle can be cool – but the bike has to actually be supercharged. Come on, Paul! You should know better than that.

2.      The Bebop Bike

Oh boy. Where do I even begin on the Bebop bike – or is it a trike now? Not only does this ghastly creation look like Paul Jr. stole it out of a fourth grader’s sketchbook (my fourth-grade sketchbook to be more specific), but it also looks incredibly dangerous for whomever is cursed to ride on it. There are way too many blades, spikes and skewers on this vehicle, and even a pair of brass knuckles for some reason.

Who asked for this vehicle? The various tribal patterns and flames painted on this monstrosity do nothing but add to the cheesiness of the whole thing. This motorcycle is an affront to mankind, and shouldn’t be seen again until after the apocalypse – where it may have some more practical use (maybe Paul Jr. was just planning ahead).

3.      The World of Warcraft Horde Bike

Gamers across the country who have dedicated countless hours to their World of Warcraft characters would tremble to see this beast zooming down the street – out of pure cringe-worthiness. The enormous mammoth tusks and tank-like rear wheels make for an incredibly odd pairing, and the combined dual exhausts must pump out an incredible amount of unadulterated pollution. This motorcycle is considered a monster by gamers and bikers, alike, and there’s no telling who requested such an abomination. We can only hope to never come across one of them in the wild until, we are at a high-enough level to slay such a foul beast.

4.      The Ferrari Bike

Here goes Paul Jr., once again tarnishing the good name of a highly esteemed brand. Ferrari makes cars that millions of people around the world dream of driving. However, this tacky and uncomfortable-looking motorcycle is a pure nightmare. Unlike with Cadillac, Ferrari actually has motorbikes, under the name of Pirelli, its personal label.

This fact only makes the knockoff version seem much more poorly designed and crafted. None of the fiery and innovative Italian engineering, revolutionary design or racing heritage are captured by Paul Jr.’s version. The only thing that Paul Jr. may have gotten right is the bright-red color, although it looks much tackier on this counterfeit motorbike. We advise car enthusiasts, Italians and bikers to steer clear of this Paul Jr. bust.

5.      The Anti-Venom Bike

Out of all the Paul Jr. bikes that have cursed this list, this is the only one that can even be considered ridable. The old-school chopper lines are also present in this motorcycle. So what’s wrong with it? Well, unfortunately, this bike gets close to being good, but there are some design decisions that still leave me baffled. For one, the spider-web theme is interesting, but it doesn’t scream “venomous” to me.

Now this may be slightly pedantic, but when I think of venomous, I picture snakes or scorpions. Although many spiders use their venom as a weapon, the webs seem to be the main focus of this design, which seem a little unrelated to the theme. Paul Jr. almost had a great concept with this motorcycle, he just wasn’t able to execute properly, and fell short in the end. You almost had it Paul Jr. – you almost had it.

So there we are guys, those are the five-worst bikes designed by American Chopper’s Paul Jr. Some of them were incredibly tacky knockoffs, while others were simply unrideable death machines. Although some of these opinions can be considered a little harsh, just remember that it’s all in jest, and that Paul Jr. makes major dollars selling his garish motorcycle creations. To see more of Paul Jr.’s work, feel free to check out American Chopper!