Two Newly Released Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycles

Two Newly Released Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycles

The two newest motorcycle models to hit the market from the ever-popular Harley-Davidson brand are sportster models. However, these are not just your regular, run-of-the mill sportster motorcycles. With inspiration drawn from the ‘70s, and performance levels that make them fun to ride, both the Iron 1200 and the Forty Eight Special can easily be called Harley-Davidson’s two latest masterpieces. If you are in the market for a sportster, or you simply want to browse the latest and greatest in the industry, take a look at these two models, and compare them to some of the other new releases recently made by other companies.

The motorcycle market today is full of top-of-the-line sportsters that include graphics and customizable options. From the sportster model’s inception, it has been a bike that owners take pride in stripping down, taking apart and reinventing into something new that shows off their style. Gearheads who enjoy working on their bikes usually opt for these models, because they offer a variety of upgrades, options and customizations that can turn into never-ending garage projects. These two new Harley-Davidson models are no exception, and continue to follow the trends laying ground in the industry. Find out more about the Iron 1200 and the Forty Eight Special by reviewing the sections below.

The Iron 1200

The style of the Iron 1200 is unique, with a vintage-inspired aesthetic and sharp graphics. The basic Iron 1200 model retails for less than $10,000. However, most buyers usually end up spending some money on additional customizations and additions for their new purchases. If you are considering this model, review the information below to find out more about its specifications.

Design and Aesthetics

The design of the Iron 1200 is what makes it a top choice for buyers. The model is donned with a Mini Ape handlebar, which is a matte black and provides most of the vintage feel it achieves. The small black headlight peeks through the front of the bike, behind a mini wind screen and the multi-colored graphics make the model stand out when compared to other, simpler sportster motorcycles. Staying with the matte-black theme, the bike also sports all-black, nine-spoke rims.

The seat design is yet another nod to the ‘70s style, since it is a long café-style seat that leaves just enough room for the operator and no passengers. With a small fast-back rest, you can stay comfortable while still feeling stylish.

You can order the Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 model in one of three color schemes. These include:

  • Billiard White.
  • Vivid Black.
  • Twisted Cherry.

No matter which color you choose, you are sure to be impressed with this bike’s style and aesthetic.

Engine and Specifications

The Iron 1200 is equipped with a 3.3-gallon gas tank, which is standard for most sportsters on the market today. It was also designed with a 19-inch front wheel and 16-inch back wheel, for optimum handling and comfortable riding.

To maintain the midnight-black exterior and to keep the classic look throughout, the designers blacked-out most of the powertrain, including the:

  • Muffler shields.
  • Rocker boxes.
  • Timer.
  • Belt guard.
  • Rear sprocket.
  • Derby cover.

The only chrome to show through on the model is the pushrod tubes and tappet-cover. Consumers can choose to add an optional Harley-Davidson built-in smart security system to the bike for an additional charge. However, the anti-lock braking system comes standard with the model.

An Evolution 1200 V-Twin engine is installed in the Iron 1200, which is one of the most popular engines for sportsters. This engine is reliable, and outperforms many other engines on the market today. It is known to produce more torque than other standard engines installed in different motorcycles, such as the 883 Evo. In fact, the engine produces 73ft-lbs of torque, making it a powerful and efficient ride.

The Forty Eight Special

The Forty Eight Special is making waves in the industry, due to its beautiful, aesthetic and classic design. If you are looking for a motorcycle that has it all, that you can still customize how you see fit, the Forty Eight Special may be the perfect model for you. Retailing at a little over $11,000, you will find many features and options on this motorcycle that will get you excited. Check out the specifications and information on the newest sportster design from Harley-Davidson in the following sections.

Design and Aesthetics

The new Forty Eight Special is a beauty of a bike, due to its vintage inspired design and all the details the designers created. Forged aluminum triple clamps on the sides of the motorcycle give it a beefy and gritty feel that makes it look different than the aesthetic of the Iron 1200. The black top of this bike fades in shiny chrome, providing a sleek and classic design.

The Forty Eight Special is equipped with a black Tallboy handlebar, which allows riders to sit up tall, and gives the bike a relaxed feel for a sportster. Designers chose this handlebar for its interesting shape, so they could achieve the attractive look for the bike’s front end. In addition to this handlebar, the front end was accentuated by a “steam roller” design, with a minimal frame.

The graphic design on the gas tank on this sportster includes the Harley-Davidson logo in a vintage-inspired font, staying true to the 1970’s design theme. While these graphics truly make the model’s aesthetic pop, the design is a bit more muted than the graphics imprinted on the Iron 1200. Consumers can order the Forty Eight Special in:

  • Wicked Red.
  • Billiard White.
  • Vivid Back.

Engine and Specifications

The Forty Eight Special model includes a 130mm front tire, and both tires are equipped with 16-inch rims, which are also wrapped in Michelin Scorcher 31 rubber. This sportster is equipped with a gas tank smaller than the Iron 1200, holding only 2.2 gallons, which keeps the bike’s aesthetic minimal, and not bulky.

An Evolution 1200 engine is also installed in this model, and the Harley-Davidson built-in smart security system comes standard on this bike, as does the anti-lock braking system. The shiny chrome muffler and exhaust shields are the icing on the cake for this high-performance bike.