What happens after you submit an auto insurance claim? Once you file a car accident claim and speak to applicable law enforcement officers your insurance company contacts you again quickly after the accident. An adjuster from your auto insurance company is sent to inspect your vehicle and assess all damage sustained from your accident. 

Depending on the severity of your accident, injuries sustained and damage done to your car, it is possible the adjuster is sent to the accident scene immediately. If you are not injured, or only injured slightly and not requiring medical attention, the adjuster asks you very specific questions about the accident.

What Happens After You Submit an Auto Insurance Claim?
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If your insurance adjuster contacts you at a later date, it is crucial for you to have written down all information and details with accuracy and honesty. Taking pictures while at the scene is also invaluable. 

Once the adjuster has all relevant information and is satisfied with your responses a report is submitted on your accident claim. Your insurance company reviews the adjuster’s report and makes a decision about whether to pay out on your claim or not. The length of time it takes your insurance company to reach this decision depends on company policies, the accuracy of the information you provided, the adjuster’s assessments and the severity of the damage done to your vehicle.

Finally, it is important to understand several other factors when filing a car accident claim. The job of the adjuster is to assess damage and record all details and information as provided by you. 

The job of the adjuster is also to find reasons for your insurance company to not pay out money for your claim. You pay insurance premiums to have coverage and protection when in an accident. Your insurance company is also a business expecting to make profits. For all these reasons it is important to collect and record the names and contact information of all witnesses. Write down the license plate numbers of all other vehicles involved, even those belonging to witnesses. Take multiple clear pictures from various angles. 

Record the time of day, weather and road conditions and anything else instrumental in causing your accident. The more accurate your information is the more chance you have of receiving a payout from your insurance company after filing an auto accident claim.

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